S. C. Jamir

S. C. Jamir, full name Senayangba Chubatoshi Jamir, is a renowned Indian politician hailing from the state of Nagaland. He has had a distinguished political career, holding significant positions at both the state and national levels.

Jamir has been associated with the Indian National Congress (INC) and has served as the Chief Minister of Nagaland multiple times. He held the position in 1980, then from 1982 to 1986, 1989 to 1990, and 1993 to 2003. His long tenure as Chief Minister has made him one of the prominent political figures in Nagaland’s history.
Throughout his career, S. C. Jamir has been actively involved in the socio-economic development of Nagaland. He has focused on issues such as infrastructure development, rural empowerment, education, and healthcare. Jamir’s leadership has contributed to the progress and welfare of the people of Nagaland.

In addition to his role as Chief Minister, S. C. Jamir has also served as the Governor of several Indian states, including Maharashtra, Gujarat,Goa, and Odisha. He has played a crucial role in maintaining peace, promoting unity, and preserving the cultural heritage of the regions he has served.

S. C. Jamir’s political career is characterized by his dedication to public service and his commitment to the welfare of the people. His contributions to Nagaland and his extensive experience in governance have earned him respect and admiration.