Devi Lal

“Social justice and equality should be the guiding principles in policymaking”
Devi Lal, a well-known politician, and leader from the state of Haryana, lived from 1914 until 2001. He was born in Sirsa and was a key figure in North politics. His supporters referred to him as “Tau” (which means “elder uncle”).
Devi Lal actively took part in the fight for Bharat’s independence before entering politics. He held several cabinet positions at the state and central levels while also serving several terms as Haryana’s chief minister.
In addition, from 1989 to 1991, he served as Bharat’s Deputy Prime Minister. Devi Lal was renowned for his dynamic leadership, ability to interact with the common people, and support of rural communities and farmers’ rights. He strived to improve social programs, agricultural reforms, and rural development to help underprivileged groups in society. His substantial regional presence and contributions to the expansion and development of Haryana during his political career stood out.
Devi Lal worked for the rights and empowerment of the socially and economically poorer segments of society and was an advocate of social justice. Devi Lal enjoyed widespread popularity in North Bharat due to his straightforward and down-to-earth demeanor.